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No Server Required to Monitor Multiple Devices

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Monitoring a remote Video Surveillance Systems with a large number of video security cameras is always a complex task. A large number of video security cameras result in multiple recording devices that require a server to monitor them. Thus this result in significant additional costs and complexity associated with the server. The customer must bear not only the fixed costs of the server, but also the recurring maintenance costs, the complexity of the operating systems, the manpower costs for server handling, and separate set up for monitoring stations as well.

To save you from the trouble, Suraj Informatics offers you the unique alternative solution that allows you to monitor multiple sites without a server. In addition to eliminating server costs, it provides you with ease of use and simplicity of management.

Suraj Informatics Video Surveillance Systems, through its unique architecture allows you to see video surveillance camera systems remotely from multiple recorders without servers. All recorders on the same network can be connected via a master-slave configuration, and the output can be transmitted via HDMI cable to any monitoring screen such as a TV from the main device. Cameras on all devices can then be displayed on this server less monitoring screen. In addition, the camera cascade works even if the devices are of different types, i.e. different models of HVR and NVR can cascade into a configuration.

The cascade of devices is also possible if it is a system with multi-site or multiple locations. In this scenario, a virtual LAN can be created for devices. In addition, cameras can be managed from multiple ends in different locations, providing complete management flexibility.

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