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Creating a Safe Environment within the Packaging Industry:

There are a number of risks commonly found around paper machines. Knowing the types of hazards will help you identify, control and control specific instances or avoid harming certain instances of each. To prevent or reduce the risk of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths manufacturing safety is important. Suraj Informatics works with leading market companies in paper-based packaging that provide proximity warning systems for pedestrian safety.

Paper mills and packaging equipment often make bulky items, including large coils of paper, corrugated packaging and cardboard. Unfortunately, tampering with these items can reduce the field of vision of a forklift operator and increase the risk of accidents for pedestrians.

Creating a physical separation between forklift operations and people should always be a primary implementation on any site, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Recognizing that forklifts are involved in some of the most serious accidents involving pedestrians, companies in the paper packaging and paper recycling industry implement and install Suraj Informatics technology to create safe work environments.

Suraj Informatics uses RFID technology to improve safety and awareness for drivers and pedestrians. The system helps prevent accidents by creating a detection area around the forklift and anyone entering the port wearing a tag is automatically detected. If someone is near the vehicle then driver will immediately receive a warning alarm.

Suraj Informatics Warning Systems are particularly effective in the industry because:

  • Easy to install on forklifts and other handling vehicles.
  • Provides a complete detection range of 360 º with a radius of 9m.
  • Works through obstacles and blind angles.
  • Audible visual alerts.
  • Data logging and virtually missing reports.
  • Access control options and tag management.

Our company is excited to partner with and support companies committed to a safer working environment in the packaging industry.

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