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Perimeter Security

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What is Perimeter security ?

Security generally means preventing crime. The question is, at what point can the crime be remedied? In the most idealistic scenarios, this should be addressed only after its thinking. But in the real situation, it can be identified and eliminated only in the outermost points of your space, i.e. perimeter. Therefore, the perimeter security system is the most important aspect when choosing a security solution for your premises. The majority of the solutions available on the market are on average, requiring continuous monitoring. In case they give real-time notifications, they often give false statements. The intrusion prevention system should ensure safety while avoiding false statements.

Suraj Informatics offers a comprehensive perimeter security, ensuring that no intruder does not come into your space limits.The physical perimeter of safety can be defined as the systems and technologies that protect people and assets in the object and because of this by blocking unauthorized physical intrusion around the perimeter

Perimeter security may include video detection, intrusion detection, access control, security fence and words, as well as barriers and bollards.

Although major investments have been made in video surveillance and electronic security systems, the security of the physical perimeter has not always received the same attention. It is beginning to change

A powerful barrier, aimed at preventing intrusion, should combine a fence or wall with security lighting and surveillance, such as the perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PIDS) and CCTV.

Over the past decade, technological advances have helped to increase the scope of the perimeter security systems. Historically, it is used to prevent and detect interference with military equipment, critical infrastructures and other high-risk areas, and perimeter security solutions are currently being used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, Retail space, transport locations and many other cities and remote locations

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