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Which type of organisations need strong perimeter security safeguard?

All industrial or commercial companies having a know-how technology or a valuable asset, high-risk areas such as airports, banks, military organisations, chemical companies, power generation or Nuclear, port and transport hubs are authorities which play an important role in blocking unauthorised physical intrusion. The latter may have an adverse effect, such as theft, heir, vandalism, and chemical leak, leakage of classified information, espionage or even terrorist attack. Thus, interference with the organisation’s premises may poses a threat not only to business access but also to public security, their comfort and health.

On the other hand, prisons and correctional institutions need a strong perimeter security to prevent absconds, the prisoner relapse and the smuggling that emanate from prison walls. The terrible prisoner in general or convicted, who receives the instruments that will help him to avoid serious risks to the civilian population.

Therefore, a highly reflective safety system that protects the organisation’s perimeter is very important for many institutions. This allows companies not only to prevent potential threats, to detect unauthorised entry, but also to prevent their emergence.


What kind of features does modern perimeter security include?

In recent years, the scope of the perimeter security solutions has improved considerably and creates a versatile system, thanks to which effective security can be achieved.

In addition to safety fences and other mechanical safety measures such as boulders, bollards and road blocks, the following may be:

  • Perimeter Alarm
  • Video Surveillance
  • Microwave Detectors
  • Microwave sensors deliver great intrusion detection in almost all weather conditions due to its high sensitivity
  • Laser Scanners
  • Active infrared light barrier
  • Microphone Sensor Cables
  • Infrared Motion Detectors


Infrared detectors measure temperature changes and reveal anyone who gets into large places on foot or in a vehicle

Infrared detectors measure temperature changes and reveal anyone who gets into large places on foot or in a vehicle

A wide range of activities can provide multilevel protection. This means that you can provide perimeter security not only in the outer boundaries of your organisation, but also in the facades, roofs, open spaces, and rooms. An integrative Intelligent System allows you to detect intruders with a nearly 100% guarantee.


How can we create a strong perimeter security?

Firstly, you need to analyse the risks your business may encounter and determine security objectives. In most scenarios, security fences and perimeter boundary are the essential safety components of each brick and mortar organisation. If your business is located at a high risk site or requires a sophisticated security system, you need to apply intelligent technology. They allow you to discover intruders thanks to the most modern integrated electronic surveillance solutions.

Study each event that you might plan to introduce and also its pros and cons. For example, if you have a common fog and mist in your area, video sensors and infrared motion detectors and light barriers may fail because they are limited if they are bad.

It is obvious that the perimeter security is vital for protecting an object from unauthorised access and information about the intrusion attempt. For creating a powerful and strong perimeter security, you should develop a security concept and consider factors such as visibility, crime rate,environment and weather conditions.

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