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Security threats are increasing day by day, so is the Video Surveillance Industry. With the further development of the technology, the quality of the video surveillance cameras has improved drastically in the last 5 years. With each passing day, companies come with high-resolution video surveillance cameras. Throughout the process, the most important aspect that determines the quality of your image in centralized monitoring is often ignored, and this aspect is bandwidth. The two main problems with Bandwidth are availability and cost. Of all the costs associated with video surveillance, bandwidth is the only recurring cost, and will make the largest contribution to the overall cost over a period of time. Especially if the installation is multi-location and the cost of public and static intellectual property is significant. Simultaneous installation of high-resolution video surveillance cameras with bandwidth will not do justice to your investments.

The second thing we don’t know is that higher the resolution of memory demand is the higher storage cost. Since the beginning of the video surveillance industry, the cost of video security cameras and devices has fallen significantly, resulting in a more affordable solution. However, storage costs are the only costs that has not decreased over the years, but have actually increased. It is therefore necessary to choose a solution that optimizes storage and minimizes your costs.

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