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To help your business secure and protect your assets and deter theft and crime, Suraj Informatics offer a range of professional security services.

Building Security Services:

Our security system can help stop crime at your business before it happens by deterring criminals and quick intervention from guards and police. We give security services to business organizations, critical infrastructure and utilities companies, government institutions, and more.

Our cost-effective solutions can enable you replace or enhance conventional security guards to increase the efficiency of your security solutions.

Also, with years of experience in security and surveillance all the systems are monitored by trained experts. Our specialists will see your cameras live, intervene when applicable to talk down to a trespasser or deter a thief when he is spotted and alert authorities when required.


Camera Security Services:

Suraj Informatics specializes in incorporating CCTV systems in operational procedures requiring automatic identification. CCTV placements range from small up to securing whole terminal facilities. When targets have been concurred, an appropriate mix of organization components can be recommended ranging from recording equipment up to infrastructural requirements.

A key part of many security systems are the security surveillance cameras. To help secure your site Our unique security tower solutions come with cameras, alarms, and other equipment. Advantages include:

  • 24/7 video recording.
  • Live video monitoring by checking professionals wider field of view compared to guards.
  • Clear night time recording Remote viewing from cell phone & tablet.
  • Face cameras integrated in busy areas to recognize & record people.
  • Live Video Monitoring by trained professionals.

Suraj Informatics can work with any camera and any platform, this includes upgrading existing. In our deployments, we use the most current and upgraded class cameras, lenses, lighting, hardware and software component. This makes our CCTV solutions the most capable in the market for security purposes but as well for supporting operational procedures.

Contact our security specialists today for an evaluation of your security needs.

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