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Site Security Audit

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What is a Site Security Audit?

A comprehensive overview of your current security systems and equipment stroll through your facility through drawings/plans, digital photos, sketches and online satellite imagery (we may also make this site in certain metro areas) Discussion of your security concerns and goals project about all organizations of size, from large companies to residences.

Audit tests the website pages for all the known code vulnerabilities including:

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • File Disclosure
  • Directory Traversal
  • PHP/ASP Code Injection

  We provide fast web security audit services and reach inside every receptacle in order to avoid every vulnerability that can lead to any risks. We also provide   the right solution for effective rectification and then rate the risk level after determining the weakness.

How it works ?


Port Scan

Our website security audit starts to invest all the services on all ports on Web servers, including web, Mail, FTP, SQL, and even your firewall as part of the port scanning process


Vulnerability scanning

We identify the current service and learn about its configuration in each port. These services and configurations are then compared to our database of thousands of vulnerabilities.


Web site scanning

To help us do this, we have a more in-depth, automated SQL injection and site scripting assay.



A detailed overview of the risks detected according to their severity is prepared, after scanning a web site.



After a thorough analysis of each vulnerability, we are preparing a report that contains recommendations on how to deal with each security risk.

With e-shops and mobile sites becoming a city speech, more and more traders are adopting a variety of ready-made platforms to build their business. However, the rapid launch of a website without any reward may expose your site to vulnerabilities that may hinder your growth. No matter how carefully you have coded your pages, if the host equipment is unprotected, then your site is compromised.

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