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Protect and control access to your rooms, restricted areas and facilities. Suraj informatics by installing a card reader access to traffic barriers, access gates, main doors, interior doors and equipment controls, provides control over personnel, visitors and the traceability of suppliers ‘ access, thus Providing the equipment and operations.

The Suraj Informatics package includes complete solutions:

1. Create: Provide contact  less RFID cards, printed with full color

2Monitor: monitor and report all events such as access/arrivals

3. Define: Control powers in Territories, group authorities, users and individual readers

4. Administer: Easily add and update new employees and their related powers

5 .Link: External employee database systems can also be used to control other users

6. Limit: Simply prepare the temporary card for visitors and limited suppliers

7. Check: When using biometric data, control whether the cardholder is the right owner

        Since access control is closely linked to Gate automation, Suraj Informatic sintegrates with all Community map systems such as Cargo Card, Alfapass, Rhides, TWIC and others.

Two main vertical maps for the smart card business:

Map personalization

Suraj Informatics can perform highly specialized work that includes sensitive data such as PAN card printing, bank cards, insurance cards, etc. Its main customers in this vertical are UTI PAN Charts, Bajaj Finserv, HDFC Ergo, SBI, Sahara loyalty card etc. segments running Cardpro, have loyalty cards, gift cards and access control cards.

Internal Smart card applications

Suraj Informatics has developed automated technology solutions such as PVC + (patient value connection), sales throughput; School Pass, etc. The company is also launching a prepaid cash card base ecosystem, marked as Ipay. The system will use Nagral Smart care which Cardpro offers to produce in India.

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