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Project Manager

Construction project managers and general managers can use flexible, IP-based monitoring systems to better secure their construction sites, reduce workplace accidents and prevent crime. New products, including temporary safety towers equipped with cameras and equipment.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners can take advantage of monitoring opportunities in different ways. Today security camera systems allow business owners to monitor daily activities from a remote or mobile device, providing 24 hours a day of peace. We understand the security challenges that you encounter and offer practical and proven solutions to overcome them.

IT Directors

If you are working as an IT director, CIO or IT Manager, and you are commissioned to find your company A video surveillance system, we are here to help you. Our veteran system design specialists work with you to ensure that your new or updated system is properly integrated with existing infrastructure and computer networks.

General Managers

Video surveillance is no longer just security. Improve your business processes by improving or expanding your system. At the same time, you can easily control employee productivity and increase room security. Learn more about how we have helped business executives and machine directors build strong and reliable monitoring systems.

Security Directors

As security manager, security officer or security director, it is your responsibility to protect the physical assets of your organization against threats such as theft and vandalism. Learn some of the latest observations to gather stronger video evidence. Our system specialists will work with you to implement the equipment security camera system.

Our system design specialists are familiar with the different solution  of role  for small business owners, IT managers and security directors. Our unique approach to monitoring has enabled our diverse range of customers to better deliver business assets and assets against everyday threats while improving business efficiency.

Suraj Informatics will collaborate with your company or organization to develop a strong security plan that is not only effective, but also affordable. Whether you need a new HD security camera system or want to update your existing monitoring equipment, we can create a security plan for you.

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