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From HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems, video-surveillance technology in the world grows and changes every day. This enables you to create flexible and custom monitoring systems designed to provide you with the unique security needs of your site.

Camera options include outdoor and vanguard-resistant cabinets to protect the camera, night visibility or heat cameras to record at night, and PTZ cameras to control large areas. In addition, you have many software options to record, monitor and analyze your observing videos so that you can stay above an accident, theft or suspicious activity.

We provide major technologies:

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras are available in a variety of shape factors, so each security needs a camera. When creating a monitoring system, you can choose which type best suits your needs so you can get the desired video quality and safety.

Wireless Video Surveillance

Want to learn more about wireless monitoring? Then you have come to the right place Suraj Informatics has years of experience in wireless camera systems development for a wide range of applications. This page is a great starting point to learn more about wireless security camera system technology.

Camera Features

Security cameras are equipped with a wide range of features and technologies to record video clips, to adjust to the variable light level throughout the day, and even to focus the camera on a distance. These features make the camera much more powerful and useful, because you can customize them as needed to suit your monitoring needs.

Video Surveillance Apps

Smartphone apps make it easy to stay connected to your observing system when you can’t physically be in the location. Whether you experience the business after hours, you receive warnings about the fact that a movement was found on the site, or you can register for holiday.

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