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 We understand how critical it is for the business to have it regularly maintained and updated. Even the most planned business would require continuous support and maintenance.

We have dedicated team with technical competence across different technologies. Other than that there are fully trained quality team with keen eye for details will check every single update.

We offer a standard warranty and various programs to keep system operational at the highest level of availability and performance which include system maintenance plan, performance and spares that ensures system deployed, and stay are in good condition. It also includes software and hardware support.

We provide 24×7 customer service with rapid response for emergency via On-call, email and when needed on website.

Our services also include Cargo insurance which cover the cost of paying for damaged cargo.


Other than that our Security Services help you get the most from cyber security program and technology investment. Our organization use services for security get access to consultants and technical experts to support their staff with the latest knowledge and capabilities. Also help to improve time threat detection and responses.

Our Virtual Integration Program can improve process coordination and control, and help to better manage demand volatility allowing manufactures to substitute information and thereby improve resource utilisation. In this program shipments of the components can be easily arranged through the internet or a networked computer system.

Our Installation Support to help facilitate cover-up installation to ensure covers are installed correctly. Customer have the option to coordinate with our crews to conduct the installation with support from Suraj Informatic.

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