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Weighbridges, also known as truck scales, are commercial scales that can weigh trucks of various sizes. A truck scale is most often used to calculate the weight of bulk products that are purchased and sold in truckload amounts. The input from the scale is a critical aspect of the business transaction in such situations. The scale is similar to a cash register in terms of operation. Weighbridges are used by enforcement authorities to ensure that trucks are complying with road-going vehicle weight restrictions and the Chain of Responsibility. They’re also used to keep track of input and output volumes at places like solid-waste collection and recycling centres, building sites, and other places.

The Unmanned Weighbridge System (UWS) is a weighbridge automation technology that eliminates the need for a full-time operator to supervise truck weighing. An Unmanned Weighbridge System accomplishes this by combining peripheral instruments with an autonomous control system to execute various tasks for the operator. Sensors and cameras for checking and validating the correct location of the vehicle, a monitor system and PA system to provide input to the driver, and boom-barriers to regulate weighbridge functionality are examples of peripheral equipment.

The newest Unmanned Weighbridge System is a well-organized and effective solution that can be applied to new or existing weighbridges of either make for uni- or bi-directional service. It is a stand-alone system that allows for weighing operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need for a dedicated operator.

A 3.6m tall, lightweight, and sturdy steel tower is safely placed on the RCC floor near the weigh bridge as part of the Unmanned Weighbridge System. The weigh-room is no longer needed since the tower houses essential instrumentation components. The tower also makes it easier to instal external peripherals and manage cables, making it a leading support provider for unmanned weighbridge systems. The system’s user-friendly interface allows it to be fully run by the truck driver, resulting in lower maintenance costs and increased performance during the process.

Unmanned weighbridge systems are intended to handle and monitor vital data generated during the weighing and labelling of items in a simple and versatile manner.
For all sectors, the best weighbridge management programme is available.
Automated weighbridge systems can be used in a variety of sectors, from waste treatment to manufacturing, to provide cost savings and improved labour productivity.


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