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Unmanned Weighbridge System

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Unmanned Weighbridge System

Suraj Informatics is a leader in the field of unmanned weighbridge systems. Unmanned Weighbridge Systems are self-contained systems that enable weighing operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need for an operator. Because of the system’s user-friendly interface, it can be completely handled by the truck driver, resulting in lower operational costs and increased efficiency throughout the process.

Unmanned weighbridge systems are intended to manage and track vital data generated during the weighing and labelling of products in a simple and flexible manner.

Weighbridge System that Doesn’t Require a Person to Operate

  • Removes the requirement for weighbridge operators.
  • Scratch Operating Costs with a Fully Automated Vehicle Weighing System Scratch Operating Costs with a Manless Weighbridge System
  • RFID-enabled manless weighbridge system. The driver uses the same RFID at the tare weighbridge.
  • Weighbridge System that Doesn’t Require a Person to Operate Completely integrable, the solution is fully integrated into your back office systems.
  • Weighbridge with No Humans Barrier in the system.
  • For a busy weighbridge, a high throughput is required.
  • The presence of a CCTV camera and a photo-taking device is indicated.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency.
  • By eliminating the requirement for an operator, you can save money on labour.
  • Allow for an unattended, self-serve weighing operation.
  • Because loading takes place within the load limit, the system assists the driver.

Features of an Automated Weighbridge Solution


  • WEIGHBRIDGE SOFTWARE – We offer a variety of weighbridge data management software for unmanned weighbridge systems, allowing customers to use any PC at their weighbridge for any purpose. Suraj Informatics is a fully hosted Weighbridge software solution that tracks all of your data in real time. Customers can choose the programme and design their own PC software.


  1. SECURITY AND BARRIER GATES – Barrier gates can be operated manually with an on/off switch or automatically with an integrated unmanned weighbridge system, making this development ideal for supervising traffic access and traffic flow on site.
  2. DIGITAL DISPLAY –  Under an unmanned weighbridge system, a digital display is used to provide the driver the weight reading coupled with a numeric message and the site destination information.
  3. WEIGHBRIDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Suraj Informatics created this weighbridge software to give future-proof weighbridge management solutions with virtually endless flexibility. Security cameras and automatic number plate cameras can be controlled by an unmanned weighbridge management system, providing digital records of every vehicle entering and leaving premises.
  4. CCTV VIDEO SURVEILLANCE – Digital video recorders (DVRs) for video storage and management, as well as cameras for security recognition. The number of vehicles entering the premises may be tracked using CCTV software, which can warn security personnel.
  5. AUTOMATED WEIGHBRIDGE SYSTEM – By providing a rapid, precise, and entirely unmanned solution, the automation system enhances productivity while lowering operation expenses. The use of an automated unmanned weighbridge equipment and weighbridge software speeds up throughput and eliminates inaccuracies caused by unsteady weighs. The system eliminates the need for weighment slips by incorporating sensors, RFID readers, LED information displays, traffic lights, and boom barriers.



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