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RFiD Discovery is the brand name for Paragon ID’s RFID tracking solutions. Paragon ID is a leader in identity solutions, as well as e-ID, transportation, smart cities, traceability and brand protection, and payment.

RFiD Discovery uses cutting-edge RFID technology to give smart solutions to customers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

  • asset tracking systems that are integrated – RFiD Discovery can trace the location of mobile medical devices with extreme precision, saving staff time spent looking for equipment.
  • Returnable Transport Item Tracking (RTIs) – Roll cages, pallets, tote boxes, returnable stillages, and trays can all be tracked along the supply chain.
  • Tracking of the surgical instrument – RFiD Discovery improves asset use, management, and auditing by providing real-time location information about surgical equipment and endoscopes.
  • Asset tracking for managed services – Increasing item visibility throughout the supply chain

The ability to see the historical and real-time lifespan of items in your supply chain by location and status is known as “Track and Trace.” Track & trace refers to purpose-built manufactured or industrial building materials (e.g., pipe spools, structural steel, valves, cable reels) or bulk goods used across numerous scopes of work for our objectives (e.g., bolt-up, gaskets, fittings).

Suraj Informatics ensures you know exactly where that material is when construction needs it, whether it’s right next to you or on an off-site laydown yard under three feet of snow. This method is known as “Geo-Contextual Automation.”

How Does Track & Trace Work?

Depending on the circumstances of the materials in question, a variety of technologies can be used to track and trace them. GPS, cellular trilateration, barcodes, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), active and passive RFID, and Real-Time Location Services are just a few of the technologies used (RTLS).

When a tag (active or passive RFID, barcode, etc.) is affixed to a material and “associated” in the Suraj Informatics database, geo-contextual automation occurs. The tagged material can then be tracked at any stage in the supply chain once it has been affixed and related.


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