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How Warehouse Control System Works?

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How Warehouse Control System Works?

A warehouse control system (WCS) is a software application that guides in-house real-time activities (DC). As the “traffic cop” in the store/distribution centre, the WCS maintains its work smoothly, optimizes the efficiency of subsystems and often the work of the warehouse partners. It provides a consistent interface with a large range of equipment such as AS/RS, carousels, transportation systems, sorters, palletizers, etc. The main functions of a WCS consist of:

  • Interface with a host system/ warehouse management system (WMS) of the highest level and exchange information necessary to manage the distribution center’s daily operations.
  • To assign work to different sub-systems for material handling to balance the system activities to complete the requested workload.
  • Providing operators and equipment controllers with real-time instructions for the fulfillment of the order and product routing requirements.
  • Generate reporting or uploading data files from the host system.
  • Operational screens and functions to facilitate effective control and warehouse management.
  • Collect statistical data on system operations to allow operators to maintain the equipment at its best.

In order to properly link the host systems to the low-level control system, each key function is designed to work as part of a comprehensive process, while removing the host from real-time requirements such as operator screens and lower-level control interfaces.

A warehouse system is automation software that streamlines daily warehouse operations.

Every company needs the right warehouse software to handle its distribution channel, online or Offline. A WMS software that is well-defined boosts business revenue and promotes sound business relationships with various stakeholders such as suppliers, clients, investors, and the internal team.

How WareHouse Control System Works?

  • A warehouse control system (WCS) provides a central interface with a host system, using material handling systems from a variety of suppliers to make purchasing choices flexible.
  • The WCS reacts against feedback from the automation of order fulfillment and used material handling devices.
  • With visibility of incoming orders and existing orders, WCS software publishes orders in amounts that match the current system’s process capability, providing a continuous flow. 
  • For synchronized, high-performance processing, WCS coordinates multiple kinds of material handling equipment within one system.


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