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When it comes to running an industrial plant, your personnel are always the most important factor. It is becoming increasingly important to invest in new, creative technologies that can increase safety and security while also boosting productivity and process accountability.

Suraj Informatics provides the perfect solution to assist you to get meaningful data from real-time workers and asset locations to improve your workforce’s safety, security, and productivity.

We carry our mobile gadgets with us at all times. As a result, they’re a strong tool for obtaining, using, and sharing data in real-time. . RTLS systems can be used to track and monitor employees, streamline workflows, manage inventories, and minimize wait times.

We provide mobile solution services with Real-time location solutions (RTLS)

What is RTLS?

Suraj Informatics RTLS is a real-time monitoring system for workers and assets across the site that allows for a more productive, efficient, and safe work environment.

What is the process?

Suraj Informatics’ Real-time Location Solution (RTLS) is tailored to the needs of modern manufacturing facilities.

The sophisticated technology-based solution uses active RFID tags with longer battery life and long-range receivers to extend site coverage, minimize infrastructure costs, and improve location accuracy while leveraging current wireless infrastructure. The system helps generate useful insights into your plant operations using real-time visibility and advanced business rules, resulting in increased safety, security, and productivity.

What Issues Does It Address?

  • Reduced mustering time on site from hours to minutes, as well as faster search and rescue.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on in the dangerous zone.
  • Increase safety by tracking fatigue and including a panic button on cards.
  • Increase workforce responsibility and efficiency
  • Virtual zone allows you to monitor indoor plant regions without the use of gates or fences.
  • By labeling vital assets, you may cut down on lost work hours due to missing assets.
  • Inventory report of tagged assets in real-time
  • Improve the process, move workers faster, and identify bottlenecks, resulting in less nonproductive work hours and more time on the job site.


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