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Today most associations are going paperless and Suraj Informatics Optical Character Recognition or OCR services are the perfect to decrease paper expenses and clear a path for digitization. Suraj Informatics offers OCR benefits by consolidating the most recent in picture obtaining and picture improvement innovations.

Our group of OCR specialists changes over records in entire or choose parts into computerized documents. Through digitization these soft copies can be stored, accessed, retrieved and edited by people or machines as when required. Further these digitized records can be utilized effectively in document management systems and hosting on websites.

Being in the business of data management, we also handles data security diligently. Confidentiality agreements are initiated with our workers and legitimate safety efforts are kept up to guarantee all information is protected. Our services help reduce time-consuming and expensive tasks of performing manual data entry by making a considerable saving money on operational expenses.

  Features of OCR :

  • High level of recognition accuracy
  • High levels of format retention
  • Transformation of PDF records and pictures into electronic organizations without reformatting
  • Solution for clients who require usage of information and extraction
  • Change of old documents such as manuscripts into digital text
  • Full Clean-up with 99.9% Accuracy

  Our OCR Solution for Scanning Recognition solutions can be utilized in a wide range of data capture requirements that include:

  • Survey Forms
  • Directories
  • Magazines & Periodicals
  • Rental & Lease Agreement Forms Processing
  • Contact Forms Processing
  • Travel Survey Processing
  • Market Research Form Processing
  • Insurance Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Banking Forms
  • Bill Remittance Forms

Optical Character Recognition requires the acknowledgment and transformation of characters on a picture to ASCII content which is like a word handling program. Acknowledgment is impacted by the nature of the examined record.

OCR experts at Suraj Informatics:-

Suraj Informatics flaunts information transformation experts who are industry specialists and have strong domain knowledge. You can allow your team to focus on much more significant work in your organization.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Solution Provider in India is a cost effective and time saving exercise

Suraj Informatics OCR Services is a cost effective and time saving exercise

Outsource your OCR Services requirements to Suraj Informatics. Feel free to CONTACT or visit for more details.