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Our Services

Suraj Informatics Pvt. Ltd develops and improves software that helps businesses of all sizes to enable automation. We know exactly how to influence the leading-edge technology solutions to generate more revenue for your and create greater value for your customers.

Port Automation

Suraj Informatic’s  Port and Terminal Automation Solution enables shipping terminals to replace slow and limited narrow band with wireless connectivity.

Gate Automation

Gate Automation OCR System help you to plan, track and monitor all container movements on your terminal, from arrival until departure.

Gate OCR

The OCR Solution for Scanning can stand in the open and does not require any canopy whatsoever while still guaranteeing high performance.

Railway OCR

Railway OCR Portal Solution System supports running train operation, stops and shunting without delaying operational processes in any way.

Crane OCR

Crane OCR automatically identifies the details of containers and equipment during loading and unloading the landing operations.

Yard Management System

Yard Management System deals with the coordination shipping and receiving process, managing orders, of a company’s yard.

Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse Management Solutions are created for warehouse and logistics in a wide area to ensure better warehouse security.

Unmanned Weighbridge System

Unmanned Weighbridge System can provide visual evidence of the entire loading process and serve as substantiation to the supplier.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance is a comprehensive that integrates the partner into the planning & configuration of your monitoring system.

Mobility Solution

Our Enterprise Mobility Services computing products and services help deliver information on demand to mobile work forces.

Cyber Network Security

Our Cyber Security Network Solutions and Services are built not only with today’s threats, but also for long into the future.

Access Control System

An Access Control Security Systems & Card Based System plays a major role in any kind of business in respect of its size or shape.

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