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Crane OCR Management

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Crane OCR Management

Highly accurate identification of containers being handled by the STS cranes is an integral part of the operation of highly productive vessels, particularly in automated terminals. Automated Crane OCR is proven to improve safety by moving personnel from dangerous working locations.

The Crane OCR System automates the manual verification process for ISO containers loaded and unloaded by the port trailers. Since 2002, it has been used on more than 150 cranes, the system offers almost 100% accuracy and unmatched reliability and redundancy.

For automated terminal operations Crane OCR is a clear mandate. But even for manual terminals looking to increase productivity and safety, work orders from the TOS in real-time and solution enables the confirmation and automatic release of parking instructions.

Terminal operators using cranes OCR have quickly realized savings and benefits including reduced data entry errors, lower operating costs and man-power requirements, most importantly, an increase in crane productivity.

Suraj Informatics Crane OCR Management accurately identifies containers during loading and discharge, without interrupting or slowing down crane operations. Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is immediately sent to the TOS, which ultimately improves vessel turnaround time. This advanced crane OCR solution provides full crane OCR that covers container ISO code, ID, IMDG label, seal presence and door direction.

Suraj Informatics OCR installation on cranes provide number of advantages, there is a significant reduction in the number of employees below the cranes, one of the unsafe jobs in the terminal. OCR System automatically connects containers with a very high degree of accuracy, only exceptions must be handled by human intervention.

Suraj Informatics Crane OCR has deployed on more than hundreds of cranes around the world, including various types of crane disperser configurations, manufacturers, and mode of operation.

Suraj Informatics Crane OCR System enables:

  • Real time confirmation of load and discharge events.
  • Provide automatic data entry and no personnel under the crane.
  • Automated container handling to and from tractor/AGV/shuttle and ground.
  • Increase the productivity of ship operations.
  • Higher efficiency levels in the yard and tracing accurate containers with UTR reading.
  • Real time data processing.
  • PASS Navigator GOS provide an exception and daily monitoring of remote processing.


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