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What is Web Site Security Audit?

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What is Web Site Security Audit?

To secure a website or web application, you first need to understand the target application, how it works, and the scope behind it. Ideally, the penetration tester should have some basic skills in programming and scripting languages as well as web security.

Site Vulnerability Identifies the security risks of your site by looking for weaknesses in your website code, detecting flaws in your web server settings, and the results of viruses, Trojans, or worms. Web Site Security Audit does this by scanning your web site from the outside to find system and application vulnerabilities.

Web Site Security Audit uses technology which was originally developed for large companies but is designed, delivered and evaluated to help each website owner evaluate and manage their security on the site.

A security audit on the site usually consists of two steps. Most often, the first step is usually to initiate an automated scan. Depending on the result and complexity of the site, a manual penetration test will follow. To complete automated and manual audits properly, a number of tools are available, to simplify the process and make it effective from the business point of view. Automated tools help the user ensure that the entire site is properly crawled and that no input or parameter is left unchecked. Finding a high percentage of the technical vulnerabilities is done by automated web vulnerability scanners, and also gives you a very good overview of the structure and security status of the site. With site automated scanners, you can better overview and understand what facilitates the manual penetration process.

For manual security audits, you also need a number of tools to facilitate the process, such as tools to perform fuzzy tests, tools to handle HTTP requests and review HTTP responses, proxy to traffic and so on.

Suraj Informatics provides fast site security audit services and reaches inside every receptacle to avoid vulnerabilities that can lead to risks. We also provide the right solution for effective correction then assess the risk level after determining the weakness.

  • Port Scanning Process– Our Site Security Audit starts to invest all the services on all ports on web servers, including web, FTP, Mail, SQL, and even your firewall as part of the port scanning process.
  • Vulnerability Scanning– Helps to identify the current service and learn more about its configuration in each port. These services and configurations are then compared to our database of thousands of vulnerabilities. Further website scanning helps us do this, we have a more in-depth, automated SQL injection and site scripting assay.
  • Analysis of Vulnerability– After a thorough analysis, we are preparing a report that contains recommendations on how to deal with each security risk.
  • Report– A detailed overview of the risks detected according to their severity is prepared, after scanning a web site.

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