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Boost your Business Efficiency by Building IoT Solutions with Suraj Informatics

As a leading provider of IoT solutions in India, we can enable our customers to meet their business needs by helping them build and deploy intelligent IoT solutions. We help them to thrive in the IoT ecosystem and achieve tangible results from their ideas by providing them with our Smart City IoT Solutions Services. Explore[...]
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What to look for in an IoT Company?

At home, in factories, in oil wells, in hospitals, cars and thousands of other places, there are billions of devices. Expanding devices increasingly require solutions to connect, and to collect, store, and analyze device data. The Suraj Informatics IoT solution provides wide and deep functionality to cover the cloud’s boundaries, so you can form IoT[...]
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Aircraft Damage Protection

Whether you are taking off through the clouds in a charter plane full of passengers or simply skimming over the seashore in your Cub Piper, flying takes training and skill. And regardless of whether you fly for business or pleasure, you have to protect your plane from specific dangers. Suraj Informatics Aircraft Damage Protection System[...]
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IoT Solutions & Service Provider

From homes and businesses to enterprises, Internet of Things have turned out to be ordinary in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the more brilliant and better than ever before. Though, this is only the start unlocking the the maximum capacity of Internet of Things requires that businesses understand the[...]
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RFID Solution Provider in India

A lot of terminals use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for the identification and tracking of people and assets. RFID Tags are placed on assets or integrated on access/ID cards, and consequently read by RFID readers when in range. The tag records can then be transferred to middleware software and to the TOS. Valuable RFID on[...]
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OCR Scanning Service by Suraj Informatics has been commercialized in dozens of terminals around the globe and adopted by different programs and port authorities. All systems use state-of-art cameras, solid-state illumination and strong OCR engines. These systems have consistently demonstrated validity and high OCR accuracy. The picture catching units should include a optical and illumination[...]
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Yard Management System

Today the allocation of resources has not been greater. In a world where industry is becoming more competitive and internationally, the driveway for Total Quality Management and customer support hasn’t been greater. And became popular and needed to maintain core competencies. Total Quality Management may be described as controlling your stresses the whole organization so[...]
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Rail OCR Portal

Rail OCR Portal     As the number of containers delivered through rail keeps on developing, so does the requirement for automated inspection, identification and inventory of train containers. Suraj Informatics Rail OCR Portal provides a solution for remote visual inspection and automatic identification of containers and railcars. The system comes with a Train Gate Operator[...]
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High Tech Security and Services

  Dealing with hardware products Warehouse security is a critical component for any business. Warehouses are used to store all hardware equipment and products. As many company experiences major losses because there is no security plan involved. There should be a strategic approach to increase the security of your warehouse during work hours and when[...]
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