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Making a Modern and Completely Automated Port Solution

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Making a Modern and Completely Automated Port Solution


There has been an increase in the use of automated port solutions that help container operators increase efficiency throughout the years. However, only a few ports have put in place a long-term strategy to turn their existing infrastructure into a fully automated port.

Fully automated solutions facilitate port operations in coping with the significant increase in container quantities by lowering operational expenses, increasing productivity, and boosting safety and reliability.

In the maritime industry, automatic guided vehicles (automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are a major component of a fully automated port solutions. Unmanned vehicles used to carry containers horizontally between the quay and the container yard are fully automated container transport vehicles. AGVs are the perfect solution to transport containers thanks to the independent navigation and automatic monitoring capabilities. The AGVs create a rapid, economical and safer container transport system in the port, replacing yards tractors and eliminating the need for a labour force to drive them.

Battery-operated vehicles (e.g. AGVs, vehicle, and port communications, as well as vehicles and the environment, should operate on a reliable wireless network to work in motion. The data should be transmitted seamlessly (e.g. tracking and monitoring signal) in a harsh port environment without loss, jitter.

The real-time, highly reliable, and durable connection requirement is enabled via broadband wireless, which enables high data flow from many simultaneously operating AGVs and moving cranes (e.g. rail cranes/pumping cranes).

With powerful, easy-to-use base stations, Suraj Informatics ensures high-capacity connectivity to pretty tough mobile vehicles and other automated port solutions facilities (e.g., AGVs, cranes). The fiber in Motion is an affordable TCO solution that meets port movement applications’ requirements ideally.


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