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Intelligent video surveillance provider in such high demand

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Intelligent video surveillance provider in such high demand

Observing a scene or scenes for specific behaviors that are inappropriate or may signal the emergence or presence of inappropriate conduct is part of an Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System.

Surveillance is now all-pervasive, spanning a wide range of businesses. The underlying technology is evolving from solo analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. Mindtree’s intelligent video surveillance solution includes a full suite of IP video surveillance software packages that can handle small, medium, and large installations.

Suraj Informatics is happy to offer the experience and skills necessary to develop, install, and maintain a system that meets your specific company needs and interacts with your existing systems. Suraj Informatics can provide you with highly intelligent video surveillance system solutions, whether you require simple video surveillance systems or want your system to do more for your business.

Metadata is used in Video Analytics to provide video content structure and meaning. As a result, cameras can comprehend what they observe and alert users when there are hazards present at the moment of occurrence. You may also extract the correct sequences from hours of instantaneously saved footage and analyze the scene by offering various statistics, allowing an operator to deal with threats more quickly and efficiently.

Our goal with Advanced Video Analytics is to make video surveillance more useful to you. As a result, our solutions include a variety of advanced features, such as

Intelligent Tracking is a term used to describe a system that allows you to

Video Analytics While on the Move

Metadata Fusion is a term used to describe the process of combining data from

Fire Detection using Video.

Tamper Detection and other features


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