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Weighbridge Automation System

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Weighbridge Automation System

Inaccurate weighbridge measurements can result in huge material loss. If 300 trucks use your weighbridge each day, an inaccurate measurement can result in an astonishing loss of 30,000 kg per day. Suraj Informatics Weighbridge Automation System increases throughput and lowers operation costs by providing a fast, accurate, and totally unmanned solution.

Only a central control system manages our system. This control integrates sensors, LED information display, traffic signals, RFID readers, and boom gates that identify the vehicle and send the driver to the right place. The trucks stand on the weighbridge, measured, and on the road traveling fast without the driver ever having to get out of the vehicle.

This system makes the flow faster, prevents errors due to unstable weighs, and eliminates the need for weighing bills. The built-in redundancy allows you to continue to capture weight even if the devices fail.

Some issues that are faced while working with weighbridge-

  • Time-consuming weight capture process of loaded fleet/truck at the entrance gate and exit gate.
  • The time-consuming manual recording process of the fleet/Truck and the driver.
  • To check the movement of fleets/trucks within the plant premises.
  • To ensure that the right equipment is loaded onto the fleet/truck.
  • Failure in preventing theft from Weighing Bridge.
  • Inability to find unauthorized vehicle entry.
  • Huge Loss of material by bypassing of weighbridge process for outgoing finished goods.
  • Improper weighing due to the manual entry mistakes done by the weighbridge operator.
  • Improper placement of trucks on the weighbridge will not give the exact weights of the material and therefore the company incurs accrued losses over a period of time.

Suraj Informatics is among the trusted names in providing Weighbridge Automation System.

Benefits of our system –

  • Fully automated RFID-based system for precise vehicle entrances and exits.
  • Absolute reliability because there is no human dependency on checkpoints.
  • Automatic weight capture of the truck at every weighbridge.
  • Zero waiting times for vehicles reduce time and emissions.
  • Ability to collect and record vehicle data.
  • Checks unauthorized entry by using a buzzer and boom barrier.
  • Easy and reliable remote manipulation (storage and retrieval) of huge data digitally in no time.


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