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Aircraft Damage Protection

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Aircraft Damage Protection

Whether you are taking off through the clouds in a charter plane full of passengers or simply skimming over the seashore in your Cub Piper, flying takes training and skill. And regardless of whether you fly for business or pleasure, you have to protect your plane from specific dangers.

Suraj Informatics Aircraft Damage Protection System has been planned to help prevent crashes and lessen harm to aircraft while they are being serviced on the ramp by GSE operators. Our service offers a range of aircraft preservation products and kits. From engine covers to tire covers, you’ll find what you need to keep rust and debris from your craft during shipping and storage.

How it Works

  • Safety detection cones integrated with Suraj Informatics tags are strategically set around the aircraft (blue dots).
  • Our control units are fitted to ground service vehicles detecting the location of the safety detection cones.
  • Depending on the desired activation range configured for every vehicle, a continuous alarm sounds when a safety cone is recognized.
  • The alarm will keep on sounding until the vehicle is clear of the collision risk area. The alarm can be muted in when vehicle is still if required.

Our Aircraft Damage Protection Services are evolved and developed for each new type of aircraft based on previous experience with comparative materials, engines, parts, or structures. New materials or structures, for which experience is constrained, are observed more frequently until a basic level of confidence is established. Time extension lead to inspection intervals which is based on observations made during routine service checks.

The objects of an effective maintenance program are as follows:

  • Guarantee, through maintenance activity, that the inherent security and reliability imparted to an aircraft by its design are sustained.
  • Give chances to reestablish levels of safety and reliability when deterioration occurs.
  • Obtain information for design modification when inherent quality isn’t adequate.
  • Achieve the above at the most conceivable expense.


Aircraft Protection Kits

In the past, mothballing an aircraft was a difficult endeavor taking considerable time and resources to achieve the task. Not any longer. We make aircraft protection easy with our own custom line of economical mothballing kits that are pre-cut to fit the vast majority of aircrafts and ready to use the moment you receive them.


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