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Importance of Warehouse and Inventory Management

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Importance of Warehouse and Inventory Management


Warehouse Management System has provided efficient warehouse management solutions and the best logistics software for a range of commercial houses and businesses over the last 20 years.


The logistics industry in India is going through a transformational phase with enormous growth. To keep up with the speed of the developing market, you need flexible and intelligent software. Suraj Informatics logistics software and warehouse management system helps you reduce costs, improve profitability and outperform your competitors.

As the most trusted warehouse management software provider, Suraj Informatics is known for implementing innovative solutions software’s that effectively manage competitive pressure, customers, and business models.

The warehouse management solutions and logistics software not only combines the latest technologies with standard practices, but also result of extensive research, collaboration with first-class customers and research into all business requirements.

Suraj Informatics WMS is cloud-based, warehouse management software for warehouse facilities, transportation and logistics companies, distribution, supply chain, retail and retail manufacturing.


Suraj Informatics inventory management, tracking system and barcode inventory management software are designed to meet customer usability, as well as user-defined cycle counting processes. We provide real-time processing for activity updates. We also provide real-time processing (compared to batch processing) for activity updates. All our systems are internet based and customers to access through secure password on any PC or web device. Therefore, your inventory is always available, and on-site details and activity are much accurate.


Suraj Informatics offers customised solutions that perfectly integrate with your existing software. We will manage good connection of your tool and inventory solutions with our systems. With sufficient experience with the portals of our customers – we have gained the insight on how to manage the storage in warehouse, based on your specific requirements.

Warehousing and Inventory Management-

Suraj Informatics WMS is a well-equipped warehouse and inventory management system that ensures all resources are used optimally.

  • Reduces order processing time, improves response to supply and demand.
  • Suitable for warehouses and storage facilities of all sizes.
  • Provides the information needed to effectively control warehouse operations.
  • Automates warehouse processes to track goods movement and manage inventory.
  • Building shipment loadings to maximize your inventory capacity.
  • Optimizes material flow and improved inventory management.
  • Clears the beltway faster to quickly increase its activities.
  • Tracking the raw materials and user goods of inventory by user-defined accounting rules and SKU characteristics; show inventory status progression.
  • Quality assurance business rules for usage/storage, inspection, and progress of orders are adhered before releasing shipments.

Is your current warehouse facility meeting all of your warehousing & logistics needs? To see what Suraj Informatics WMS can do for you, CONTACT US NOW.

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