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Best Security Solutions For Your Business

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Best Security Solutions For Your Business


Suraj Informatics Pvt.Ltd is the complete specialist in the design and providing best Security Solutions Systems that includes installation of Intelligent Video Surveillance, Access Control and Integrated Security Systems for Ports, Terminals, Warehouse etc. From system design to technical help through to installation, training and maintenance we provide our customers best services from our in-house team.

Suraj Informatics has adhered to a simple philosophy: the belief in the need to provide excellent customer service. This will always be an integral part of our corporate policy.
Our security systems are designed to meet the individuality of each customer’s needs. We ensure that every system we install maximize your security and the protection of your property at reasonable in price.

Our security systems are designed to meet the individuality of each customer’s needs. We ensure that every system we install maximize your security and the protection of your property at reasonable in price.

We are System Integrator of Video Analytics (Intelligent Video Surveillance), Access Control Systems, Gate OCR, Railway OCR, Port Automation, Yard Management, Logistics Software, Warehouse Management, RFID Tracking Solutions, IoT Solutions, Barcode Solutions, Unmanned Weighbridge System Solutions and much more. All security systems are designed to be user-friendly with the end user in mind. An important factor for the effectiveness of any safety system is the training of operators. Suraj Informatics provides end-user training after each installation to ensure a successful security solution.

Professional Intelligent Video Surveillance Installations-

Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems are now widely used. With advanced technology our customers are using this systems that includes remote viewing, to deter crimes such as burglary break-ins and vandalism of residential and commercial property.

Our company can help you to design Video Analytics Systems for both commercial and residential installations including retail stores, buildings, manufacturing plants and more with the latest Digital and IP solutions. We can help you by installing a system that will enable you to monitor your business remotely using your existing broadband connection.

When it comes to Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems, Suraj Informatics is a world-class system integrator. Our highly talented team understands your need to reduce risk, comply with regulatory guidelines, and protect your most important assets. And our ability to integrate, operate and install advanced video analytics surveillance systems will help you reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Access Control Systems

Suraj Informatics specialise in the installation of Access Control & Intercom Systems. Our systems will keep your buildings and assets secure to ensure the security of your premises by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when. From one door to hundreds of doors in several locations, we have a solution that suits to your needs.

Automated Gate Systems-

Suraj Informatics is a leading company in the field of Gate Automation in India. It has been involved in providing solution for range of Gate OCR, Rail OCR Systems. Suraj Informatics prides itself in offering world-class products at unmatched prices with professional after-sales service.

Suraj Informatics provide Gate and Rail OCR, real time OCR System, vehicle monitoring system based on automatic number plate recognition or License plate recognition for tracking and identification of vehicles.

Suraj Informatics Solution ranging from Semi-automatic functionality to fully automatic and computer-controlled functions of our systems offer better security and better manpower utilization.

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