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How does Container OCR Integration System Service Works?

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How does Container OCR Integration System Service Works?


What Is C-Crane?

C-Crane systems consist of all hardware and software components intended for direct connection to container processing equipment. Our Crane OCR System includes a series of durable digital excellent performance camera blocks attached to crane constructions designed to handle all standard size containers.

The advantages of Crane Management Service or OCR installation on cranes are numerous, but there is a significant reduction in the number of employees below the cranes, one of the unsafe jobs in the terminal. Those embitters or colleagues responsible for registering and unloading container numbers may be placed remotely in a secure working environment.

Crane OCR of SURAJ INFORMATICS automatically identifies the details of containers and equipment during loading and unloading during the landing operations. The Crane OCR System joins the Crane Program Logic Control (PLC) system to activate and process data. The sophisticated image seizure and recognition system is fixed straight on the crane and interfaces with the crane control system.

Advantages of Crane OCR:

Crane OCR System can match container numbers with the job manifest to confirm the OCR results. Container OCR numbers and images are marked to support physical checks. Some of the advantages are:-

  • Automatic registration of container loading and unloading event.
  • Enables data processing in real-time.
  • Era dates work carried out by a berth worker or assessor at a berth crane.
  • Allows reducing labor associated with the movement of containers at the pier.
  • Eliminates the need to physically inspect.

SURAJ INFORMATICS Pvt.Ltd has deployed Crane OCR System on more than hundreds of cranes around the world, including various types of crane manufacturers, disperser configurations and mode of operation.


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