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A Complete Barcode Solution Provider in India

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A Complete Barcode Solution Provider in India


Suraj Informatics Pvt.Ltd is an exceptional provider of barcode solutions. Our products include high-frequency data acquisition units, wireless scanners, thermal transfer printers, data collection units, barcode scanners and software, labels and thermal transfer tape. Barcode Solutions with the determination to meet the needs of modern customers with high quality products. For all types of labels, barcode printers, scanners and software we successfully meet all your needs. With minimal training or computer skills these products offer powerful applications.

bluetooth-barcode-scanner-printer-Warehousing-productsFor materials like management, work process tracking, quality control, and product identification you need to optimize your workflow and information with barcode solutions that provide the information. In market there are range of barcode printers are available to offer automated solutions to customers who simply need to print tags and labels at the lowest cost. The competition is easily outperformed with the highest media/tape capabilities, high print speed and large storage capacity. These almost trouble-free devices have a standard one-year warranty. Once you plug it in, you don’t have to worry. We offer everything you need to automate data collection in your organization. ! The best solutions!

For corporate mobility and automated identification and data collection the barcode solution is a reliable solution.

We can simply say that the barcode software is used to encode information in a machine-readable visual model. Now that barcodes apply to different products, they track product prices and inventory levels.

Barcode Scanner:



Barcode Scanner Software scan’s the black and white elements and that illuminating the code with red light. The sensor in barcode scanner solution spot the red light from the system and generates a signal that is sent to the decoder. Barcode validated code after interpreted the signal and converted in the form of text. That all function perform by decoder.


Different parts consist in barcode scanner:

  • Illumination and Beam System.
  • Sensor.
  • Decoder.

Barcode label Printer:

This printers are available for many uses. Different printers have their different features. Generally small printers can only print small labels, generally up to 5”wide. Large printers tend to be more expensive and can print large labels. Barcode label Printer have some important features.

  • Resolution.
  • Durability.
  • Label Size.
  • Connection type to your system. (COM or LPT).
  • Environmental Conditions. (Metal or Plastic).


Suraj Informatics Pvt.Ltd is the overall provider of barcode solutions & software’s in the field of bar coding and automated labeling systems with successful installations in industries such as Steel, Pharmaceutical, Home Appliance, Automobile, Electronics, Chemicals, Paints, Engineering, Process Engineering, Defense, Health, and Logistics & Retail. Our company has more options to solve your barcode and labeling requirements needs than anyone else. Our labeling professionals have the technical know-how and expertise to recommend the right materials and label tapes to achieve consistent and efficient on-site and on-demand production. At Suraj Informatics, we focus on providing automatic coding solutions and total barcode solutions under one-roof. We have deployed software for barcode and labeling applications with interfaces for ERP. At Suraj Informatics, we are constantly innovating to offer our customers a better price-performance ratio and better quality.


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