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why truck gate automation?

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why truck gate automation?

Automated validation and monitoring of individuals and equipment moving into, out, and in the container facility will increase productivity, safety & security.

Automated gate operations ensure safer, greener, and more productive container facilities. Suraj Informatics’s Automated Gate system greatly increases gate performance measured in hourly mobility without expansion or personnel. This dramatically reduces the operating cost of the Gate. The faster activity of the gate reduces congestion, improving traffic flow, reducing emissions in turn. Exemptions from control rooms are monitored and handled, eliminating the risk of accidents on the track.


  • Adapts to any installation
  • It offers an OCR portal with automated vehicle and equipment identification, including, licensed plates, container, chassis, and HAZ/IMO labels
  • Allows image inspection of high-resolution destruction
  • Provides an automatic driver identification gateway and VoIP communication on each route.
  • Provides system-integrated security and access control
  • Seamlessly integrated into operating systems with Host/Terminal (TOS)
  • The “truck-turn-around-times” improved for trucks, relinquishing the terminal time as little as possible.
  • More secure operation since no cashiers are required to check transactions on doorways or under mechanical loads since all trading data is automatic.

Suraj Informatics provides the complete terminal-integrated system, which automates the tracking and tracing of containers and trucks at gates through a modular product range.

 Explore your business potential with Suraj Informatics to integrate a high-quality door and door automation system. They have succeeded in providing customers all over the world with high-quality automation systems.



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