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Unmanned Weighbridge System

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Unmanned Weighbridge System

The Unmanned Weighbridge System is a stand-alone system that allows weighing operations to take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the use of an operator. The system is completely operated by the truck driver due to the system’s simple interface. Furthermore, Suraj Informatics tailors the system to your individual needs.

Unmanned System monitors and provides reports on individual load cell health and damages or faults any load cell gives an indication. With a dual system, auto central gravity system and photocell system, the unmanned system provides vehicle position confirmation on the weighbridge.

Suraj Informatics offers a Weighbridge Two Way Weighing System which means vehicles are weighed on both sides. Fix weighbridge for weighting can also be used when trying to weigh another weighbridge system.



Automated weighbridge system from Suraj Informatics eliminates the need for operators. The truck driver performs weighing operations instead and can take place 24 hours a day. The IoT system identifies the trucks and captures weight information which is then forwarded for monitoring on our web dashboard.

Apart from waste management and construction, automated weighbridge systems offer the benefits of reduced operating costs and increased work efficiency applicable to all industries.




  • FULLY AUTOMATED – Without assistance from weighbridge operators drivers can perform weight readings through themselves via the automated weighbridge system.


  • MONITORING LIVE DATA – Weighbridge auto-calculates weight readings and allows live dashboard monitoring at all times.
  • SAFE VEHICLE RECOGNITION- To prevent illegal use, an automated weighbridge system recognises vehicles and drivers and captures digital records of each vehicle at the weighing station.
  • BARRIERS & AUTOMATED TRAFFIC SIGNALS – IoT sensors are used to control traffic flow by ensuring that vehicles are properly positioned for weigh readings and preventing drivers from moving too fast.




The Benefits of an IoT-Enabled Weighbridge


  • ¬† Boost Labor Productivity – Self-service weighbridges eliminate the need for weighbridge operators, lowering operational expenses and freeing up labour.


  • All Weighbridges are Monitored – From a single web platform, receive real-time notifications and track events across various weighbridges.


  • Speedy, 24 hour operations – When compared to traditional weighbridges, automated weighbridges are faster and can be operated around the clock without the need for additional labour.





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