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How can you make absolutely sure that your company’s printing solutions are secure?

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How can you make absolutely sure that your company’s printing solutions are secure?

As hackers get more proficient at accessing a company’s important data, cyberattacks and security breaches are on the rise. Every endpoint linked to the internet, including networked thermal printers, is a potential hazard. Maintaining business security without interrupting operations, on the other hand, maybe difficult.

Suraj Informatics offers a wide range of services and solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

Here are some  accepted procedures for diminishing risks in your printing gadgets and in general IT framework that you ought to follow consistently:

  1.  WIPE OR RETIRE DEVICES– The security of a system is only as strong as its weakest link. Legacy gear may still operate, but it’s running on obsolete firmware and security standards, leaving your network vulnerable to hackers. You wouldn’t let a Windows 2000 laptop connect to your network, and printers should be treated the same way. All business equipment, including thermal printers, require well-thought-out security strategies that adhere to industry best practices. Utilize the resources at your disposal to help you analyze your existing security threats. For example, Zebra provides a free security assessment wizard that can illustrate how your company compares to industry security best practices and assist you in identifying any security flaws. As you modernize your printer fleet, be sure that old systems aren’t hardcoded to hunt for retired devices.
  2. Update the operating systems on your devices – Industrial equipment, such as thermal printers, have a longer life than consumer devices, which may only survive a few years on your network. Because your network standards are likely to change over this lifespan, choosing a device with an operating system (OS) that can adapt and update with current standards is imperative. An intelligent printer will add new features and capabilities on a regular basis, increasing and enhancing the device’s entire value.

Consider a solution that takes care of this problem for you. For example, Zebra Print DNA printers ( Zebra 2D Imagers)  utilize the same operating system (Link-OS) across the board, from mobile printers to desktop printers to industrial printers. From a single location, you can easily locate, deploy, and manage apps for all of your printers – worldwide if necessary.

  1. Reconsider your approach to firmware updates – Security planning is a continuous process. No device is really unhackable, and firmware upgrades are essential for staying one step ahead of attackers and adhering to industry best practices. Thermal printers are frequently found in public places, making them both easy to use and misuse due to the free access to the control panels. The absence of OS upgrades exposes your infrastructure to a point of risk.

To verify that the OS file(s) being deployed are correct, device update mechanisms should contain some sort of digital signature or checksum. It’s a simple initial step to explore switching to some sort of restricted access. Even a simple front-panel password system may make a significant impact in terms of security and availability. Further security is provided by Zebra Print DNA printers ( Zebra 2D Imagers), which allow you to put them in a protected mode that needs an admin account to modify the printer’s settings.

  1. Increase the visibility of the fleet and the detection of threats – It might take months to discover an infiltration if you don’t have insight into the functionality of your printers. With real-time visibility and management, you must be able to disclose events before they occur. Even with remote printers, having a dashboard view that displays real-time status and warnings is important to keep your printer fleet safe. To identify inappropriate conduct, in addition to dashboards, correctly configured activity and audit logs can be employed. Credentials can be immediately revoked if you believe a device has been removed or tampered with, eliminating a possible bad actor from your network.

            It’s also necessary to make sure that information is only accessible to those who have been given permission to see it. Wireless printers should have a unique, signed certificate to verify users’ Wi-Fi connections and secure the important data they send outside of your organization’s four walls. (In case you didn’t know, Zebra’s wireless Print DNA printers have this functionality as well.)

Your corporate printing solution’s security is important. Consider the technologies available to assist detect printer security flaws, eliminate them, and defend against future breaches while assessing printer alternatives. If you already have a Zebra Print DNA printer ( Zebra 2D Imagers), speak with your Zebra representative to learn more about how the Print DNA ecosystem and PrintSecure product may help you protect your digital assets and infrastructure from possible security breaches.

You can select from a wide range of off-the-shelf products or collaborate with Suraj Informatics to develop a bespoke solution for your specific needs.


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