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Integrated Asset Tracking Solutions

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Integrated Asset Tracking Solutions

The essential concepts of how an RFID tracking system works are the same whether it’s used in agriculture to track livestock or in a warehouse to monitor a manufacturer’s supply chain.

RFID Discovery can identify a specific location of mobile medical devices, saving time and resources for personnel.

Increase asset visibility and utilization while reducing capital expense and time spent finding equipment.

Why is RFID tracking used?

The healthcare industry loses millions of pounds each year due to the loss and underutilization of mobile assets.

It’s difficult to maintain track of equipment at acute hospitals, which are often enormous multi-floored complexes with maximum assets, with employees spending hours and miles searching for underutilized gadgets or out-of-service equipment.

Improving visibility of the location of critical equipment can have a significant impact on operating efficiency.

The initial step is pretty simple, depending on how you choose to deploy your RFID tracking system. When choosing the correct hardware, though, there are a number of aspects to consider.


 • Accurate location of medical assets

 • Asset management system is totally implemented.

 • It takes minutes rather than hours to update inventory records.  

 • Contractor management has strengthened.

 • Increased maintenance inspection rates improved patient safety.

What is the process of asset tracking?

  1. The system – Each high-value medical device is loaded with an active RFID tag that broadcasts its unique ID at preset intervals for accurate location tracking using RFiD Discovery.
  2. GS1 Compliance – Additionally, passive RFID tags with GS1 barcodes can be utilised to maintain track of all medical assets, including those with lower value. This creates an asset identification system that complies with the UK Department of Health’s most current mandate. RFID Discovery passive tags are GS1-compliant and can be used to replace traditional asset labels.
  3. Information about the location – Signals from active and passive RFID tags are detected using a mobile reader, a network of stable readers, or a combination of the two. Mobile readers can be either a hand-held PDA system with an RF reader or the RFID Discovery cart, which is specially equipped.

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