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One Stop Place For Rail Automation

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One Stop Place For Rail Automation

The significance of Intermodal rail operations in the global supply chain is in no way noticeable ever before. North American Class I railroads that have adopted the influential pathway technology solutions, various shipping companies like UPS and FedEx have lately introduced to operate intermodal transport alternatives with the motive of minimizing the costs of their consumers by either tailoring truck or air alternatives thus piercing in traffic for the railroads and the marine terminals around the country.

Suraj Informatics Pvt Limited is focusing to offer the immense enhanced tracking and identification of containerized cargo that budges passing through the rail. It thus provides vastly enhanced solutions like rail signaling, remote supervision, fault detection, emergency control, and centralized control. Considerably it gains the maximization to provide safety, efficiency, performance, comfort, control as well as line capacity with the motive of reduction of infrastructure and maintenance costs. Application of the railway system, Suraj Informatics includes advanced and modernized equipment for automatic train control, signaling, interlocking, rain control center, and also modernized technology for rail communications.


The following are the objectives for operational scenarios:

  1. Marine container visual display unit along with on-dock rail tracks.
  2. Traditional intermodal ramps.
  3. Multi-tenant substitution yards.
  4. Besides high-speed mainline tracks.

Utilization of AEI readers, high-resolution CCTV cameras, and OCR software, the system makes the identification, tracks, and records the image and source of equipment number of a traveling train. This data is accumulated and thus combined to manufacture fully automated containers to railcar association and making the reduction of utilizing for performing manually train inventories or else Track Standing Orders (TSO). However, the system can also confine damage inspection images facilitating verification of equipment condition and the smashup while the arrival and departure of the train.


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