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One Stop Place for Crane Ocr

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One Stop Place for Crane Ocr

During loading and unloading landing operations, SURAJ INFORMATICSCrane OCR automatically recognizes the details of containers and equipment.

The STS Crane takes care of everything with our fully integrated Crane OCR System, which reads and registers the ISO code of containers automatically. The Crane OCR System connects with the Crane Program Logic Control (PLC) system to activate and process data. The crane control system interfaces with the advanced image seizure and identification system, which is placed directly on the crane.

One of the most notable advantages of Crane Management Service or OCR installation on cranes is a large reduction in the number of personnel working below the cranes, which is one of the most dangerous occupations in the terminal. Examiners or colleagues who are responsible for registering and unloading container numbers may be placed in a secure working environment from afar. Only exceptions require human action, and you can do remote exception management on the building’s security if necessary because Crane OCR automatically connects containers with a high degree of accuracy.

During vessel loading and discharge operations, SURAJ INFORMATICS’ Crane OCR catches every container movement automatically. The powerful image capture and identification technology is mounted directly on the crane and features a user-friendly interface for real-time management of any exceptions. By making transaction and container details available in real-time, terminal operators gain the following benefits:


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