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One-Stop Place for Railway OCR

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One-Stop Place for Railway OCR

Intermodal Train OCR operations are now critical components of the global supply chain. Many shipping companies and their partners have begun to use intermodal transport options in an effort to reduce costs to their customers and the environmental impact of cargo traffic by leveraging the tracking technology solutions implemented by many European and North American railroads and freight operators.

Suraj Informatics Rail OCR Portal assists in dealing with this recent growth by utilizing proven automation systems to increase productivity while lowering operating costs. The Rail OCR Portal is the next step in providing significantly improved tracking and identification of containerized cargo moving by rail.

How Does IT Work

Railway OCR software, which allows operators to process every train passage, has been developed. Operational and input issues can be corrected using saved images. After all of the data has been checked, the Train OCR software sends everything to the system, resulting in a fully integrated system that creates a rapid, precise, and safe rail handling system.

The departing Rail terminal gives a list of all loaded trains and containers ahead of time. This list is matched to the data read by the cameras on the rail ocr portal so that a specific train number can be linked to a specific passage under the rail portal and the exact location of each container can be returned on an identified railcar.


This identifies, tracks, and archives the image and equipment number information of a passing train using trackside AEI readers, high-resolution CCTV cameras, and other Train OCR software. All of this information is gathered and combined to create a fully automated container-to-railcar association that eliminates the need for manual train inventories or Track Standing Orders (TSO). Furthermore, Rail OCR Software can capture damage inspection images, allowing for the verification of equipment condition and damage during arrival and departure.


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