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Crane Ocr

With our fully integrated Crane OCR System, which automatically reads and registers the ISO code of containers, the STS Crane takes care of everything. To activate and process data, the Crane OCR System interfaces with the Crane Program Logic Control (PLC) system. The sophisticated image seizure and identification system, which is mounted directly on the crane, communicates with the crane control system.

A significant decrease in the number of people working beneath cranes, one of the riskiest jobs in the terminal, is one of the most noticeable benefits of Crane Management Service or OCR installation on cranes. Examiners or coworkers who are in charge of entering and unloading container numbers may be assigned to a safe working location from a distance.

Crane OCR’s Benefits

Crane OCR from Suraj Informatics automatically detects every container movement during vessel loading and discharge operations. The effective picture capture and recognition system is immediately mounted on the crane and has an intuitive interface for managing any exceptions in real time. Terminal operators benefit from having real-time access to transaction and container details by doing the following:


Improved Container Inventory Accuracy and Boosted Transaction Accuracy and Velocity: By eliminating data input and/or task confirmations, transaction accuracy and velocity are raised, leading to higher throughput. Operators run the risk of entering data incorrectly and introducing errors.

Workplace safety: Berth area physical inspections are not required, and fewer clerks are needed to work underneath large pieces of machinery or obtain container positions in the event of stack faults.

Centralized Control: One can transition to an exception-based process that is centrally controlled by using automatic checker information capture.

Damage Archiving: The container conditions for each transaction, both entering and outgoing, are saved as evidence for processing claims in the future.

The Crane OCR System has been implemented on hundreds of cranes all around the world by SURAJ INFORMATICS, spanning a wide range of crane manufacturers, disperser configurations, and operation modes.


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