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Rail OCR Portal

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Rail OCR Portal

Rail OCR Portal

    As the number of containers delivered through rail keeps on developing, so does the requirement for automated inspection, identification and inventory of train containers. Suraj Informatics Rail OCR Portal provides a solution for remote visual inspection and automatic identification of containers and railcars. The system comes with a Train Gate Operator application for further processing and exception handling.



Suraj Informatics Rail OCR systems create a closed loop to all tracks at an intermodal or on dock rail facility so as to identify and track all containers as well as rail cars throughout the centre.

Our OCR system that automatically reads and documents the container ISO code numbers as the train travels on its tracks. The system is ideal as a portal system either in the entry or exit rail tracks of the terminal, or any other intermodal facilities.

The system includes proprietary software and hardware systems. The system includes the Container Code Recognition (CCR) applications engine and uses rugged high-resolution camera systems with pulsed solid-state Light-emitting diode illuminators.

Rail Car Identification – Utilization of RFID tags on vehicles, OCR of Rail Car number coupled with existing automobile data provide a picture of type, automobile size and capacity.

Container Identification – OCR of containers in entry and exit points via a portal system provides data such as:

  • Container Identification
  • Container Number
  • Container type/size
  • Container Position—Location, Top, Bottom
  • Information against the railroad consist:

Location of Rail Cars – The Suraj Informatics Rail OCR Portal provides track number and sequence of vehicles on each and every track through a string of wheel counters, system logic and RFID tag readers.

Our OCR System is designed to share the container/rail cars identifications with a central server system. More than one Client application can intercept the messages on the server, for data recording and for further processing. The system may also be interfaced with the terminal load-lists and manifests for higher recognition performance.

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