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Best Printer for Mobile

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Best Printer for Mobile

The growing number and variety of portable printers is also due to the large number of portable devices, whether laptops, tablets or smartphones, that allow you to view documents or photos. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, mobile printers can handle a variety of inputs, including files received on a variety of wireless protocols, from traditional Wi-Fi to point-to-point connections such as Wi-Fi, which require no Wi-Fi network. Some printers, photo templates, and document templates can be printed on fancy paper.


Business travelers should consider using a traditional (albeit small) document printer designed to create alphabet-sized content from your computer at the quality you expect from a desktop inkjet printer. Consumers who want to print and distribute snapshots at parties or other events want to use a photo printer that can print 4 x 6 inches (in some cases 5 x 7 inches) of a memory card or key. USB or computer or mobile device in a wireless connection.

In market many type of Mobile Printers are available:

  • ZQ600 Healthcare Series Mobile Printers: With the ZQ600 Healthcare Series mobile printers, you can improve employee accuracy, patient safety, and productivity by completing sample labels at the treatment site. Based on the popular Den Healthcare family, the ZQ600 Healthcare Series is designed for healthcare, withstands continuous disinfection, and delivers state-of-the-art technology with innovative wearable designs that deliver the next level of productivity, availability and operability.
  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers: ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers are the strongest in the industry with military design, the latest connection and user-friendly features to help you work in the most difficult environments.
  • ZQ300 Series mobile printers: With world-class battery performance, versatility, durability and easy remote management, the ZQ300 Series mobile printers are affordable and offer two designs to meet your business needs.
  • ZQ220 mobile printer: The ZQ220 mobile printer designed for a wide range of receipt printing and label ingests inside and outside the four walls. An economic price without compromising functionality.


  • ZQ120 mobile printer: ZQ120 mobile printer is increase efficiency and workflow. Easy to use to print receipts and labels in a simple and convenient printer

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