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Best Wireless Network Technology

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Best Wireless Network Technology

Wireless Network design and it’s about planning, and that’s especially important when it comes to supporting new business applications and technology initiatives.

cyber-security-network-solutionsSuccessfully implementing a Wireless Network Solution not only installs multiple access points and intends to work. Wi-Fi Networks have become complex and require the right design to make business operations work smoothly.

Since most organizations today use cloud-based applications and IoT devices that all require Wi-Fi connectivity, it is important that every company has a reliable Wireless Connection to employees at work and satisfied customers.


Wireless Network:

A wireless networking is unlimited and does not suffer from overcharging of the wiring. Wireless networks are robust and flexible, requiring no protection or physical routing. It is normal for designers to “copy and paste” the design of existing cable networks when designing Wireless Networks, but this approach requires a small overhaul because Wireless Networks are installation talent and less than cable networks.

Here are the design considerations for the wireless network:

  • Survey on the website
  • Point-to-point bypass
  • Wi-Fi roaming
  • Using wireless networks
  • Number of network users
  • Building materials
  • Types and functions of wireless customer devices
  • Connected infrastructure devices


Site Survey:

Examining the Site is the first step in the Wireless Design phase because it is very important to measure the site before installing a Wireless Network. The locations of the site survey vary depending on the type of company that is looking for a wireless installation. The main goal of the site survey is to identify optimal locations for the wireless network to reduce channel interference and maximize range. The location survey also determines the size of the wireless network to be configured.

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