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RFID is a cutting-edge technology that captures information from labels and tags. It is made up of a reader that sends out radio signals to the tags and reads the signals that they return.

Tags can be active or passive depending on their nature. A tag can also serve as a bridge between active and passive tags in specific instances. A semi-passive tag is a technical term for it. A battery is present in both active and semi-passive tags, whereas a passive tag is powered purely by the reader.

An RFID tracking system automates the process of managing and finding physical assets. It operates by storing data on an RFID tag and attaching it to a specific object. This information can range from a person’s name to their condition, amount, and location.

RFID Asset Tracking Software 

Now that you understand what RFID asset tracking software is, how it works, and how it differs from a barcode reader, you’ll want to learn about the best software for data or asset tracking.


  1. EZOfficeInventory


  • It allows for fast verification of product-related data.
  • It also features a mobile app that allows you to scan asset labels or integrate with third-party services.


  • Check-outs, inventory verification, and other chores are made easier.
  • Allows for rapid object scanning and connection with third-party software.
  • Even in a tough environment, it is capable of scanning.


  • Uploading files of a certain size is required.
  1.  IntelliTrack 

IntelliTrack is a cloud-based corporate solution that scales with your business. This RFID asset monitoring software may give you a detailed understanding of your requirements, allowing you to make well-informed business decisions.


  • Assignees can reconcile asset counts on their portable computers.
  • Has a simple, user-friendly interface that quickly scans assets.
  • Provides a complete report on the life cycle of your assets.


  •  It is appropriate for all types and sizes of businesses.
  • Keeps track of asset schedules in real-time and their specific position.
  • Allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
  • Multiple orders can be tracked at the same time.
  • The software’s search widget does not always produce correct results.
  1.  Virtual Asset Tracker

Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker is an RFID asset tracking software solution. It has a cutting-edge system that allows for precise position tracking and quick reporting.

Public organizations, educational institutions, and large enterprises are the greatest candidates for Virtual Asset Tracker. It can be used to solve problems in emergency management, IT asset management, RFID mustering, and education.


  • It’s simple to integrate with a popular ERP system, and it has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Both passive and active RFID tags are supported.
  • Fixed and mobile handheld RFID scanners, as well as cellphones, are all compatible.


  • For a convenient asset overview, it’s simple to use and has a customizable interface.
  • Increases accountability and reduces loss by providing “last seen” location data for assets.


  • In comparison to other RFID Asset Tracking Software, it is quite costly.
  1. A2B Tracking

A2B Tracking is a safe, cloud-based asset management system that lets you keep track of anything you own. It uses RFID and sophisticated barcode tracking to improve asset and inventory visibility.

This RFID asset monitoring software is used by businesses of all kinds – small, medium, and large. In a nutshell, the system is extremely scalable and adaptable.


  • You can use your smartphone to connect to the system and track it.
  • Import your inventory data from your current system with ease.
  • Ensures secure, continuous, hands-free asset monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Detects the position and direction of objects that are moving.
  • Government agencies and commercial firms benefit the most.


  • Operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android are not supported. Only works with web or cloud deployments.               
  1. Zebra

Zebra is the pioneer of the RFID Asset Tracking Software Industry, having served the world with traditional enterprise solutions for over four decades. It provides all of the necessary analytics, software, services, and hardware to connect people, assets, and data.

It is ideal for numerous industries, including logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and others, due to its customized requirements and features.


  • Connects your people, assets, and data in an intelligent way.
  • To make operations easier, it provides exceptional visibility and control over assets.
  • Both RFID and barcode technologies are supported.
  • Solutions that are unique
  • Multiple devices are supported.
  • When compared to other options, it is expensive.


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