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What is Gate automation? 

Gate automation is sometimes the primary step in terminal automation. Knowing truck and instrumentation arriving and outgoing moves is crucial for terminal designing.

As traffic volumes expand within the world’s marine and lay transportation facilities, the entry and exit gate operations of a terminal have long been a bottleneck of congestion. This congestion, as well as the costs of hiring workers to deal with it, has prompted the widespread use of Gate Automation OCR technology in the gate regions. Gate OCR vascular system provides centralized optical character recognition (OCR), identification, and examination of containerized shipment and instrumentality coming into and exiting the terminal via over-the-road trucks.

The solution uses an open, modular, and network-enabled design and delivers alone accuracy and 24/7 up-time within the most extreme climatic conditions. looking forward to solid-state illumination, the gate OCR solutions system needs nominal electrical provide to control and is much a lot of reliable as a result.

Gate Automation OCR System assists you to arrange, track and monitor all instrumentation movements on your terminal, from arrival till departure, as well as booking, document handling, and invoicing. additionally, to antecedently accessible designing solutions, Gate OCR vascular system provides you with the aptitude to completely optimize your land- and quayside operations.

How does it work? 

Truck information is gathered mechanically within Gate automation, and trucks target-hunt through a certain technique, passing pedestals and screens. a singular secret is needed to grasp that truck is within which Gate lane and to be able to match captured information with (pre) registered information. This secret is entitled the “truck-visit-identifier” and may either be AN RFID tag, an access management badge, the truck vehicle plate or better; the mixture of all as each has its own profit.

An example of an automatic Gate method at an instrumentality terminal:

Before arrival, all instrumentality information is pre-advised to the terminal via either an internet application, port community system, or electronic communication.

The truck arrives at a primary security check purpose wherever the driving force is known victimization biometry and verified against a blacklist. The vehicle plate is captured and when granting access, a truck visit record is kept.

A truck drives through AN OCR portal, wherever truck and instrumentality details square measure captured and keep within the truck visit record.

Arriving at the Gate lane, the driving force is bestowed a “driver-self-service” screen when swiping its driver ID card. This screen is to register what the driving force is coming back to try and do at the terminal. instrumentality transactions are known either by coming into pin codes, appointment codes, reading bar codes, or just by writing within the instrumentality variety.

After confirming, the Gate System is in a position to match the OCR information against the registered data. just in case of a match and no further review things apply, truck receives interchange price tag and will proceed to the yard. just in case of a couple, the central bother clerk receives AN exception to be resolved victimization VOIP intercommunication system and OCR information remotely accessible.

Typically, Gate Out situations squares measures is usually additionally simplified as no registration applies and review tasks square measure restricted.

Multiple situations square measure potential wherever the method flow might disagree, during this example, OCR was done before driver-self-service. it should even as somewhat be dead when. Any racial extermination depends on the layout, infrastructure, objectives, and specific review checks.


The projected answer square measure is supposed to produce sweeping advantages to consignment facilities, terminals, port authorities, and parking.

Primary advantage:

Increased capability by victimization land as economical as doable. Parking trucks need giant items of land and tend to be a dear hobby. By keeping trucks on the move within the Gate method, the capability will increase.

Improve productivity through the elimination of information input and/or task confirmations thereby increasing the accuracy and rate of the transactions leading to higher turnout and improved instrumentation inventory accuracy. Operators will introduce error and square measure probably liable to knowledge entry errors.

Centralized management over exceptions that occur from the automated process of trucks. bother desks will be combined and square measure equipped with all necessary tools to resolve any irregularities within the method.

Secondary advantage:

Improved “truck-turn-around-times” for trucks thereby losing as very little as doable time once being at the terminal.

Safer operations since no clerks square measure needed in Gate lanes or below serious instrumentality to see transactions as a result of all knowledge capture of transactions is automatic.

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