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Identifying if RFID is a Good Fit for Your Company

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Identifying if RFID is a Good Fit for Your Company

For direct and indirect RFID systems, Suraj Informatics is the best option.

 Our solutions enable hospital employees to use RFID tracking systems to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage with each item to provide the best possible patient care while lowering costs.

The following are some of our RFID-based healthcare solutions:

  • Asset monitoring in healthcare
  • Tracking of sterile services
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Wandering patient

Suraj Informatics can deliver RFID solutions to swiftly and securely streamline identification, care history, traceability, equipment management (including inventory and maintenance), and tracking of blood bags, organs, and samples, among other things, by leveraging its various uses.

A single RFID tag linked to a reading system allows you to do the following:

  •  Significantly reduced time necessary to complete inventory 
  •  Improved stock management
  •  Optimized replenishments
  •  Accurate assessment of stock levels


  •  Authenticate quality and sterilisation procedures 
  •  Manage locations of medical equipment, medical notes, and IT equipment 
  • Improve estate asset management  
  • Automate supply chain management and replenishment

Common RFID Applications

RFID tracking systems can be used to identify, locate, and track products, assets, or commodities in any application. It’s commonly used to automate inventory and remove manual barcode scanning and cycle counts in warehouses, distribution facilities, and retail.

RFID is also widely used in manufacturing to track and trace parts and materials as they are received and progress through the manufacturing process to become completed goods.

Hospitals are also employing RFID to positively identify and track patients in order to provide better treatment and reduce medication errors.

Identifying if RFID is a Good Fit for Your Company

Although RFID demands a large investment, the benefits in efficiency, tracking precision, and automation generally outweigh the costs.

Work with a reputable technology partner, such as our RFID experts at Suraj Informatics, to assess if RFID is ideal for your business.

To examine your present processes, cost structure, and use of barcoding and other monitoring technology, we begin with an enterprise mobile health assessment. We then assist you in determining whether RFID is a good fit for your operations and comparing the value of potential improvements to the expected cost.

If RFID makes sense for your company, we can do a remote site study or an on-site survey to determine your RFID configuration requirements. We’ll then create a whole solution for you, including RFID toolkits that make implementation easier and help you save money. We can also assist you in training your personnel.

Contact Suraj Informatics right now to learn more and arrange your free RFID examination.


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