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OCR Scanning Service by Suraj Informatics has been commercialized in dozens of terminals around the globe and adopted by different programs and port authorities. All systems use state-of-art cameras, solid-state illumination and strong OCR engines. These systems have consistently demonstrated validity and high OCR accuracy.

The picture catching units should include a optical and illumination solution to make pictures of the container ID number with adequate quality (focus, resolution, contrast, and consistency), under most working and ambient conditions (daylight, sun glare, night time, adverse weather conditions and dirt-covered numbers).

OCR Image Capturing

The framework examines the ID numbers while the truck is in movement, based on a set of sensors. It consequently controls the illumination, takes pictures from various cameras, separates the ID numbers, arranges the sort of compartments, confirms the outcomes, at that point produces the outcomes to a higher stage, for example, our Port Automation and Control System (PASS) or a nearby TOS.

The OCR Solution for Scanning provided by Suraj Informatics can stand in the open and does not require any canopy whatsoever while still guaranteeing high performance. Extreme high or low temperatures pose no problem. For foggy/frigid climate, the canopy may offer a few advantages.

Other key features include:

  • Could stick out from the open with no canopy required.
  • Guaranteed OCR accuracy.
  • Output available in seconds.
  • Supports all different truck combinations and container types.
  • Output of great resolution images & most reliable triggering system.
  • Various additional features.
  • Environment friendly by power consumption.
  • Planned explicitly for brutal and forceful situations.
  • Different biometric readers support.
  • LED based high brilliant LCD contact screen.
  • Extensive remote diagnostics and managements software.
  • Easy accessible touch screens provide a user-friendly interface for truck drivers.

In combination with Driver, Traffic Control Equipment and our PASS Navigator GOS, Suraj Informatics provides seamless integrated Automated Gate Systems, operational at various sites around the world.

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