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Real Estate Security Challenges and Solutions

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Real Estate Security Challenges and Solutions


Real estate is one of those industries that faces an urgent need for security – surveillance, but is largely overlooked. Not only finished buildings, but also construction sites that may be threatened by theft, burglary, harassment, burglary, etc., must be prepared for all these risks. With CP PLUS monitoring solutions designed specifically for 360-degree perimeter protection, these threats can be addressed effectively.



The real estate sector in India has made astonishing progress in recent decades. It has proven to be one of the fastest developing markets in India. This is due to rapid urbanization and rising wage levels. It is not only a question of effectively attracting speculation on household land, but also of foreign investment. They can face the challenges:

  • Unauthorized intrusion of vehicle/person,
  • Main flight/theft target
  • Vandalism of goods or vehicles,
  • Installation of the CTC V camera in the elevators,
  • Problems with parking management,
  • No monitoring and maintenance of property,
  • Multiple platforms difficult to manage



Our real estate security solutions keep your various properties safe at any time of the day or night with our unique security solutions. By working with us to design and install an individual system or customize the system you already have, you can take advantage of our latest and most unique technology that has made Suraj Informatics an industry leader. Using specialized detection software that can automatically identify and respond to intruders, remote security personnel can actively assess and respond to potential threats, contacts, and alert device activations. Or inform the local authorities. With suraj Informatics, the suraj Informatics real estate security solution service, you always know exactly what’s going on in your properties.

  • High-resolution cameras at the entrance point to detect the entry of an unauthorized vehicle or person
  • The ANPR solution and facial recognition cameras at the input point to deliver analytical results for fast information recovery
  • Bullet camera with intrusion detection analysis for perimeters amplified by PTZ cameras
  • ANPR cameras at the car park entrance
  • High-resolution camera with audio integration for parking spaces
  • WDR camera with high-resolution cameras in the lobby area for appropriate facial recognition
  • Wide-coverage cameras for lifting areas
  • Multi-Apartment VDP IP solution for visitor verification and authentication
  • CCTV camera surveillance in the VDP indoor unit
  • Control room surveillance software for CCTV camera, unit VDP outdoor cameras, message transmission, SOS support, audio call, etc.

The best way to secure your property security system:

Buildings with apartments often receive a mix of visitors every day. The layout of the multi-story building usually has a vertical and horizontal frequency. That’s why it’s hard to rely on security guards. Real estate security solutions for large real estate management companies almost always need to include integrated CCTV monitoring and electronic access control. A normal mechanical lock, a key system and a person to monitor the entrance are simply not enough.

Although security systems in real estate areas always have to be built on the basis of specific needs, some risks are shared. After installing CCTV cameras at the main gates and operating an automatic visitor management system, you will be helped to keep records of all people coming in and out, even if they are residents. Permanent employees or delivery agents. It’s easy to issue a card to reach the waiting area or lobby and let the owners manage their security system as needed.

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